Original title: Kalem
Genre: experimental
Length: 10′
Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Luka Matić
Producer: Daria Blažević / Kadromat
Production Year: 2021

Synopsis: A visual contemplation of the complex human relationship with nature, told in a composite flow of archival footage within a matrix of images of nature. The representation of nature from popular films and cartoons depicts its brutal exploitation in the Anthropocene, as well as the colonialism that is woven into our exchange, evoking the sixth extinction we are currently witnessing.

Director’s Biography: Luka Matić (1987) is a cinematographer, lighting designer and experimental filmmaker from Croatia. He studied Cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, where he is currently a teaching assistant at the Department of Lighting Design. As a cinematographer, he has shot over 30 short and documentary films and designed the lighting for 15 theatre productions. Graft is his first film as a director. He lives and works in Zagreb and makes table and ceiling lamps in his spare time.

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